Edexcel GCE Business Approaches to leading year 2 content with year 1 reviews

Edexcel GCE Business Approaches to leading year 2 content with year 1 reviews

We have spent a lot of time recently thinking about, and discussing with colleagues, whether or not there will be gaps in student knowledge as they enter into their 2nd year of A Level study; or, whether there will be wide discrepancies between students within a cohort. The fact is that the A Level is synoptic and good practice will reflect this. We know the importance of retrieval practice to cementing long term memory of concepts and the need to develop an understanding of the interdependence of topics for exam success at A Level. Paper 1 combines themes 1 and 4, paper 2 themes 2 and 3 and paper 4 is synoptic. So this should be an integral part of our delivery of the second year of the content, not just this year, but every year.

So the planning and thought process started on the breakfast bar to see how we could tie all of this together.

After a lot of shuffling, here is the end result. We have written 2 dovetail documents (name is a WIP!) to show how the whole of year 1 content can be used to lead into year 2 content. Some of the links are obvious e.g. sales forecasting to quantitative sales forecasting whilst others may be less transparent e.g. quality management to growth.

Theme 4 delivery linked to themes 1 and 2.

Theme 3 delivery linked to themes 1 and 2.

These could be used to set reading and recap work prior to the start of a new topic e.g. before this week’s lessons on X you must read back over your notes on Y. This would then lend itself to low stake quizzing at the start of the lesson before discussing the key points and how these link to the new topics. This could include asking students to watch the relevant Time2Resources YouTube video as part of their recapping process. For the many of you who buy are revision guides and glossary books this could be as simple as directing students to the relevant chapter and using the list of terms in the contents section of the glossary books.

This also ties in with our Retrieval Practice+ Workbooks.

Theme 1 Retrieval Practice+ Workbook 

Theme 2 Retrieval Practice+ Workbook

If you would like the “dovetail” documents in an editable format please feel free to email us at: info@time2resources.co.uk

Helen and Carlo