Inside the factory Cereal Bar

Inside the factory Cereal Bar

Inside the factory – Cereal bars

A factory manufactures goods. It takes inputs and adds value to create an output.

  • Write a definition of each of the underlined terms.
  • Are factories part of the primary, secondary or tertiary sector? Explain your answer.

If you are not sure or want more information on business sectors watch the YouTube video below.

This worksheet is based on the BBC programme Inside the factory.

Watch the programme as you complete the activities and questions that follow.

Pause after the introduction

  • What evidence is there of the 4 factors of production?
    1. Land
    2. Labour
    3. Capital
    4. Enterprise

Pause after the first 15 minutes

  • With the use of examples from the cereal factory, distinguish between fixed and variable costs.
  • What evidence is there of a system of quality assurance?

If you want further information about quality assurance watch the YouTube video below.

  • Explain how the business makes use of technology.

Pause after minute 20.

  • Where did the idea come from?
  • What factors contributed to the rapid growth?
  • With the use of examples, explain what is meant by first mover advantage.

This is an image of the product being made in this video.

  • Annotate the image to show what you think the ingredients are. Allocate a % or fraction to each ingredient to show how much it contributes to the final product.
  • As you watch the remainder of the programme annotate your image, with the actual ingredients and quantities, using a different colour pen.
  • Place the production method on the spectrum below. Justify your decision.

Labour intensive      <——————————————————————————->      Capital intensive

  • How long did it take from the nuts arriving at the ingredients prep area to being loaded onto the vans as a finished product?
  • Draw the process from tree to bar.