Made in Great Britain – Sheffield Steel

Made in Great Britain – Sheffield Steel

Made in Great Britain

Episode 1: Sheffield Steel

Steph McGovern, (alongside Charlton the chef, Claire the potter, Katie the blacksmith and Jason the leatherworker), takes us through the history of the changing face of Great British industry.


The following worksheet acts as a prompt to uncover the business within the BBC2 programme, Made in Great Britain. Steph McGovern reveals the changing face of different industries that have left an indelible impact on all of us. Empirical evidence is important in both applying the theory and developing the curious mind that leads to an enthusiasm for our subject.


This worksheet can be used as a classroom activity or as homework. As always, class discussion brings the subject to life.

Watch the programme and answer the following questions. This will only be available on iPlayer until 20th November.

1.       Why was Britain known as the workshop of the world?


2.       Explain why the steel industry located in Sheffield.


3.       How have working conditions in the steel industry improved since the 18th century?


4.       Where and why did Sheffield steel undertake new market development?


5.       Explain why branding was important to the Sheffield steel industry?


6.       How did technology lead to a shift from labour to capital intensive production processes in the Sheffield steel industry?


7.       With reference to the Sheffield steel industry, what were the:

i. Benefits of mass production


ii. Drawbacks of mass production


8.       Explain how, over the years, innovation in production processes changed the way in which products were made in Sheffield.


9.       With reference to Michael Porter’s Generic Strategies, analyse how the Sheffield steel industry operates in today’s competitive global market.



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