McDonalds v Burger King: Burger Wars

McDonalds v Burger King: Burger Wars

One of the things that makes Business and Economics such great subjects is that they are dynamic. We often encourage our students to consider everything that is happening around them, on a day to day basis, and analyse it in the context of what they are learning in the classroom.

There is a wealth a great resources available to us to keep the subject alive. I have always found my best students are those that have a genuine interest in what is going on in the real world. This makes it so much easier to perform well in the examinations due to a love of the subject, the ability, where applicable, to support answers with empirical evidence and the ease with which students can assimilate the information supplied in case studies to identify and question strategy.

A great source recently has been the Channel 5 series comparing competing firms. These are great for identifying competitive rivalry, competitive advantage, tactics and strategy.

I have just watched McDonalds v Burger King: Burger Wars, which happens to fit in perfectly with the 2021 research theme for Edexcel GCE Business, but is of equal value for students studying different boards or qualification. A detailed worksheet that could be used for flipped learning or to support several hours (approx. 4) of active teaching in the classroom.

The worksheet can be downloaded here:

We are currently busy preparing the Edexcel GCE Business 2021 research task CD and training days for January 2021. Looking forward to discussing all things fast food, takeaway and restaurant industries with you either face to face or online soon.