Tesco’s 16 000 job drive “business an article”

Tesco’s 16 000 job drive “business an article”

An important skill for all Business and Economic students is the ability to link theoretical content with what is going on in the real world. This is part of the beauty of our subjects; that we are constantly surrounded with a wealth of new, up to date, material to share and discuss with our students.

Carlo and I often talk at conference or at teacher training events about the importance of being able to “business an article”. Students who practise this skill will perform better regardless of the qualification. This skill helps students understand and use the information given to them in exam case studies, improving their application. When a student can answer the question “Why has the examiner told me this?” with “because it helps me understand the significance” or “it is encouraging me to consider the method of motivation used” or “it links to x theory” will be able to apply their answers to the case whilst underpinning their writing with theory. A win win situation. Equally a student who can take their research into a business and produce assignments that link application with analysis will access the higher mark boundaries.

This article had too much in it to ignore:


Here’s my “businessed” copy of the article:

This has so many uses but I have focused on just a couple of issues in this worksheet. I have incorporated a couple of my favourite things, including colour coding the question, the icons we are using in our NEW Retreival Practice+ workbooks and of course a bit of QS!

Download the worksheet here:


Sample video of our NEW RP+ books can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT981-ztPb-1pOAT–9n6Zg

Happy reading and best wishes to everyone at the start of the new academic year.