The High Street crisis – how to “business” an article and develop skills

The High Street crisis – how to “business” an article and develop skills

A key challenge is getting all of our students engaged in wider reading. We encourage them to follow the news and discuss what is happening in the real world. This is so important in helping students understand case studies in the examination and where appropriate bring in their own examples.

When reading articles or watching the news encourage students to “business” the story. By this I mean to identify what areas of theory the reporter is talking about.

Six reasons behind the High Street crisis

Here is an excellent BBC article, one of my favourite sources, on “Six reasons behind the High Street crisis”.

To encourage active reading here are some clues as to the “business” your students should be able to identify.

SWOT     Profit margin     Investment appraisal     PED     Liquidity     Demand     E-commerce     Discretionary spending
Porter’s generic strategy     Inflation     National minimum wage     Depreciation of the pound     PESTLE     Costs
Real wages     Brexit     Disposable income     Sales forecasting     YED     Marketing mix     Market share     Gearing
Porter’s 5 forces     Competitiveness     Ratio analysis     Cash flow     National living wage     Strategic drift
Investment criteria     Profitability

This general article about the High Street can now be linked to specific examples.

Six examples of the High Street crisis

1 ToysRUs                     Toys R Us to close all US stores

2 Maplin                         Maplin collapses as rescue talks fail

3 Jamie’s Italian            Jamie Oliver closes flagship Barbecoa restaurant

4 Prezzo                         Prezzo restaurant group to close 94 outlets

5 New Look                  New Look to axe 1,000 jobs and 60 stores

6 House of Fraser       House of Fraser aims to cut store rents

Practice analysis

Write one fully developed paragraph showing contextualised analysis in relation to one of the examples above.

Analyse the factors influencing the profitability of ____________ .

Forming judgements

Which is the most important factor and what does it depend upon?

Prioritise the factors 1 – 6 for each example. Justify your answer by writing an evaluative conclusion for one of the examples.

We would love to see pictures of your students’ team work and outcomes.


Helen & Carlo

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