Asking HOW and WHY

Asking HOW and WHY

We all know that students who read around the subject are better equipped to achieve top grades in the examinations. They have a better understanding of the real world, find it easier to access extracts given in the examination, and are able to question data.

The skill of elaborative interrogation is a higher order strategy that provides greater insight through asking ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ questions. This helps students to bring new information to their existing understanding.

It helps student to compare and contrast/similarities v differences/why

Students should continuously interrogate the text or data, asking it questions. This requires them to look for information when reading, making inferences from the text. This leads to active rather than passive reading.

We love as a source of excellent and accessible stories for students to enhance their wider reading. Here is a great article:

“Five items that tell the story of price rises”

Although this worksheet has some straightforward retrieval practice questions it is designed to prompt students to interrogate the article asking HOW and WHY. It is designed to force students to develop all 4 skills whilst actively reading the article.

Economic and Business student worksheet