Preparing year 11 students for year 12 Economics qualifications – the price of petrol

Preparing year 11 students for year 12 Economics qualifications – the price of petrol

When our new year 12 students join us in September we often have a mixture of those who have studied the subject at KS4 and those that haven’t, those who follow real world business stories and programmes and those that don’t!, those who understand the basics and understand what the subject is about and those that have little idea! This got me thinking as to what meaningful, yet engaging, work teachers might set for year 11 students. The result of which is this blog and corresponding 4 worksheets. These should provide you with a considerable range of work that will meaningfully engage students. It could also be used to shape the first few lessons when students start studying in the sixth form.

My opening thoughts were “what would I want students to have, as a basic level of understanding, when they turn up in September?” My answer included:

  • a realistic expectation of the subject and the range of topics covered
  • an appreciation of the fact that there will be lots of new content
  • an appreciation of the fact it will include quantitative skills
  • some understanding of the skills that they will need to develop over the 2 years of study
  • an ability to contribute in class with real world examples
  • an inquisitive mind

With this in mind I have produced a series of 4 worksheets all based around the a BBC article “Coronavirus: Why is the price of petrol nearing £1 a litre?” and a selection of our new YouTube videos. My focus has been encourging the students to learn about a concept e.g. demand and then relate it to empirical or real world evidence.

This also gives me an opprtunity to introduce to teachers and students our fledgling YouTube Channel that we will be growing throughout the coming months. We have started with some basic videos that we think will be relevant to all students new to Business or Economics at KS4 and KS5.

Time2Resources YouTube

Bridging economics worksheet 1 What is economics?

Bridging economics worksheet 2 Demand

Bridging economics worksheet 3 Supply and external shocks

Bridging economics worksheet 4 Price equilibrium, compettion and factors of production

Following on from this, I can envisage starting with an eager bunch of year 12s, who can demonstrate knowledge of some basic terms and concepts and discuss these with new class colleagues.

Lets hope after a long break from school we can welcome our students back with a new passion for being in the classroom, engaging in lessons and a love of their subject.