Rotten – Bitter Chocolate – Business

Rotten – Bitter Chocolate – Business


Netflix – 56 minutes

As you watch this documentary complete the activities below. You will need to pause, and possibly go back, on several occasions.

  1. With the use of examples, show that you understand the following terms:
    • affordable luxury
    • poverty
    • specialisation
    • quality assurance
    • supply chain
  2. Annotate the diagram below to show your understanding of the bean to bar supply chain. Add to this throughout the programme.
  3. Explain the significance of cocoa bean production to the Ivory Coast economy.
  4. Why is such a heavy dependency on one industry high risk?
  5. With the use of examples show that you understand the following terms:
    • export
    • international market
    • labour intensive
    • infrastructure
  6. 1 tree = 30 pods per year = 2lb of chocolate per year
    • draw a diagram to show the production process
  7. What is meant by ethics?
  8. What is meant by CSR?
  9. What evidence is there of a lack of ethics in the bean to bar supply chain?
  10. Annotate the diagram below to show whether or not Elkington’s Triple Bottom Line is being applied in the cocoa industry.
  11. Visit the webpage of any chocolate manufacturer. What evidence is there of CSR?
  12. With the use of examples, explain why processes are more capital intensive when the cocoa beans reach the ports.
  13. With the use of an hourglass diagram explain why the power lies with cocoa traders.
  14. “Farmers are 1 in 5 million selling to 1 in 5 buyers”. With reference to bargaining power, explain how this impacts on the world market price for cocoa.
  15. With the use of supply and demand theory, including diagrams if appropriate, explain the factors influencing the price of cocoa between 2016 and 2017.
  16. The following factors may all have contributed towards the collapse of Transmar. Fill in the table below to show your understanding of each factor. Rank how significant each factor was to the failure of Transmar. Justify your ranking.
  17. Explain the factors contributing to increased profit margins for chocolate manufacturers.
  18. To what extent do you think collaborations between small businesses, such as Tony Chocolonely, and big businesses, such as Barry Callebaut, will lead to fairer prices for farmers in the future? Justify your answer.

Theory postcards are a great way of encouraging students to underpin their answers with relevant business theory and terminology.

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