The Greatest Showman or entrepreneur?

The Greatest Showman or entrepreneur?

The Greatest Showman or entrepreneur?

We often talk about the fact that everything is business and that a good student will constantly analyse what is going on around them and see the “business” in all aspects of their surroundings. I remember talking to a group of students about this once and challenging them to find an aspect of life that wasn’t linked to business in some way. One student, in particular, rose to the challenge and would come in each day with a new idea to try and stump me.  Football he would say or love – but it was always easy to show him where the business was behind the concept.  One Monday he came in beaming – he had the prefect answer – maybe it came to him in his sleep!

“Dreams” he shouted excitedly. “What? that’s a bit random” I replied. He then excitedly explained he had found the answer to the challenge – there was no link between dreams and business! ‘What about the million pound dream industry of books and courses’ I said. Stumped again!

Rather sadly, whilst watching a film on a long-haul flight, it hit me how difficult it is to stop analysing the business behind everything.  So, here’s a nice one for Y10 or Y12 as we reach the end of the summer term.

Was Barnum “The Greatest Showman” or an entrepreneur?

What’s the underlying message behind the sound track?

Here are a few questions for discussion to link knowledge and application.

What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur? How does Barnum demonstrate these?

What are the motives of an entrepreneur? What were Barnum’s motives? Add a bit of evaluation – which of these was the most important to Barnum?

What are the factors contributing to the success and failure of businesses? What were the factors contributing to the failures of P.T. Barnum’s circus? What were the factors contributing to the success of P.T. Barnum’s circus? Add a bit of analysis – analyse one factor contributing to P.T. Barnum’s success.

What are the objectives of different stakeholder groups? What were the objectives of the different stakeholder groups of Barnum’s circus?

Why does conflict arise between stakeholder groups? What conflicts arose between stakeholder groups at P.T. Barnum’s circus?

What is the difference between a manager and a leader? Was Barnum a manager or a leader? Justify your answer.

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Enjoy in the classroom and sorry for having just ruined your ability to sit back, relax and just enjoy the film!

Helen and Carlo

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